Volunteer Projects

The main focus of the projects of the Corcka-Recoka, supported by Sacha Mama Allpa Volunteers Program, is to meet the basic needs of the humans in the communities, namely by means which don’t endanger nature’s balance. Therefore lies the focus in bringing to market the original products of the region. Our tasks in this case are:

Help in developing organic farms and marketing of traditional products like mais, maniok, coffee, cacao, platanos (cooking banana), white cacao, palmitos (palm hearts), medicinal plants etc. Minimal assignment of volunteer: 4 weeks

Help for an improvement of the manufacturing of their handcraft, and search for possibilities of sale in international markets. Currently many communities sell their handcraft at local markets, gaining unacceptable prices. Minimal assignment of volunteer: 4 weeks

Help in the production of fish farming, organic poultry farms, farming of wild animals with fast reproduction, like Aguti (rodents) and capibara, as well as support in sale. Minimal assignment of volunteer: 4 weeks

Help in the development of projects in the area of tourism in the communities. Minimal assignment of volunteer: 4 weeks

Promotion of folk dance and music of the indigenous people for international presentation. Minimal assignment of volunteer: 4 weeks

Voluntary service in elementary and higher schools, work as a teacher or assistent teacher. Minimal assignment of volunteer: 12 weeks

Conservation and reconstruction of ruines and touristical attractions in the communities, which represent a potential income source for the inhabitants. Minimal assignment of volunteer: 4 weeks

Campaigns for protection and preservation of the river bank and basin of the Río Napo. Minimal assignment of volunteer: 4 weeks

Help for the street children in the city of Tena, by providing a possibility to stay overnight as well as food and education. Minimal assignment of volunteer: 4 weeks

And the most important project and goal is the preservation of the rain forest. For that purpose we help Corcka-Recoka to build an autonomous reserve, which is to contribute as a natural life source for the Kichwas and thus protects the rain forest. Minimal assignment of volunteer: 12 weeks

Costs and Support

Volunteers who are interested in working in a community of Corcka-Recoka pay a monthly contribution of 200 US$. This pays for an accomodation with own cooking place in a community, furthermore there will be one representative of the community working together with the volunteer during the whole assignment. In addition every volunteer has the possibility and is invited, to join conferences, resistance campaigns, conventions of the communities and other events of Sacha Mama Allpa Volunteers Program, which will also take place during the whole assignment. The money will be invested into the different projects of Corcka-Recoka.


…for a volontary service in a community of the Corcka-Recoka and in the projects of Sacha Mama Allpa:
Basic skills in spanish: the language is an important mean in the communication with the inhabitants, whose mother tongue in fact is Kichwa, but who mostly can understand and speak sufficient spanish.
You should be a person who is interested in working together with people of a different culture, free of prejudice concerning language, sex, skin colour or social standing.

You should not be working in an other organization or institution at the same time, which could constrain your working assignment in our projects.

We expect a short application for your working assignment in one of the projects of the Corcka-Recoka, directed to the Executive Director Fredy Alvarado.

At the beginning every volunteer has to fill out a form with his personal declarations and sign the acceptance of his work. In addition a work confirmation and a notice of the conditions is signed.

If you are a student at a university and need to produce this working assignment, then we need a certificate that you are enrolled at this university.

At the end of your working assignment we expect a report about your work in the community, which includes your perceptions and your possible improvement suggestions concerning the performed work.

If there are questions left, please have a look at the FAQ’s, and don’t hesitate to contact us.