Sacha Mama Allpa Volunteers Program


Morpho Butterfly

Morpho Butterfly

The rain forest of Ecuador accomodates more then 500 species of birds, more than 191 different mammals, and a great variety of plants. Generally, the Amazon region of south america plays an important role for the stability of world’s climate, because it stores one fourth of all sweet water on earth. 20 % of the earth’s surface are covered with rain forest, what let to the name “green lung”, but this title is often disregarded by transnational oil concerns and mining companies, which destroy and pollute the rain forest in an unacceptable way. They cause irreparable damage to nature and humans.

The Jatun Yacu (big river), today called Río Napo, is one of the most important water resources of the ecuadorian provinces Napo and Orellana.
The Indigenous of the amazon river basin of the Río Napo now joined together, to search for alternatives to preserve their environment, the rain forest, for all their descendants, their communities and their people, because the nature is their habitat and nourishment resource.

By preserving the rain forest, very much can be contributed to a better future of all humans, not only for the people living here who are directly affected, but also for all brothers and sisters in the industrialized nations. Corcka-Recoka invite you to work together for a balanced development…!

The Vision

This Program was born to the idea of supporting the Corcka-Recoka in all areas of technical cooperation and further education.
In our work for a balanced development we have the following goals:
we want to encourage the development in the communities with alternative projects, we want to support environmental education as a step to change, and we want to protect and preserve the tropic rain forest. Therefore it is a main issue for us to clear up the indigenous people about rights in the fight against the oil explorers, mining companies and other transnational industry, for them getting able to defend and preserve their natural habitat and the ancestral land.

Main Focus

Our main focus is to encourage the alternative projects, as they contribute an important part to independece of the communities, which are often not prepared to the capitalistic life of the cities, which expands more and more to their territories. Therefore it is important for us to present them possibilities, how they can find their way inbetween new and old cultural values; we hold education courses in different areas like computer, human rights, health, environmental education, equal right for men and women and other topics.

Sacha Mama Allpa Volunteers program is the biges support for Corcka- Recoka in all areas of legalaid.
We provide to the Corcka-Recoka, to help them making contacts with national and international organizations, for example for them to be able to sell their handcraft or gaining technical relief from outside. Furthermore we want to broker volunteers, who provide reasonable technical relief in the projects, and so on the one hand side contribute to a better future of the communities, and on the other hand side gain insight into life of a community in the rain forest. In addition, the assignment of a volunteer is proposed to have an intercultural character, and the living together with the local people is not to fall short.

Corcka-Recoka are working together with volunteers of the Sacha Mama Allpa Volunteers Program without excluding humans of different traditions, different “culture”, different religion or different language, and we hope, that still many interested will join us to cooperate in favour of their future.