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What is Corcka-Recoka, an where is it located?

Corcka-Recoka ( Coordinadora de Comunidades Kichwas de Amazonía) is the name of a unition of 18 communities in the rain forest of Ecuador, South America, which want to fight together for their rights, land and for a higher quality of life of their people. This network was founded in August 2002 with formerly 10 communities.
The Communities of Corcka- Recoka develop Projects in different areas (education, marketing, tourism, nature protection etc.), to be able by these incomes to improve the living standard and to gain more independece from major mulinational companies (oil industry, mining companies, wood industry).

How many inhabitants has it?

Corcka-Recoka consists of 18 communities of each 50 – 300 inhabitants, all in all about 3600 people spread over an area along the Río Napo of about 180 kilometers length.

How does one get there?

From Europe you fly to Quito, the capital of Ecuador, lying 2800 meters high in the Andes. Worthy hints where to sleep and eat etc. are provided by every better travellers guide. From there you need about 5 hours by bus to reach to Tena the capital of the Napo province, where the main office of Corcka-Recoka is located. The communities themselfes are reachable by bus, canoe and/or by feet (travelling time 30 mins. – 7 hours).

What does my work look like? What will I do exactly?

The volunteers who obligate themselfes to work for Corcka-Recoka will be assigned to a project of the communities, in which they will cooperate. This assignment will take place by the volunteer’s wish and the variety of projects. Most communities need help in the areas of organization, marketing and further education. More detailed information about the projects can be gained by the coordinators.

Prerequisition to work as a volunteer for Corcka-Recoka are own initiative and interests for the planned work, because the assignment should not only help the inhabitants, but also should deliver an impression about man’s life in the rain forest to the volunteer.

What does my accomodation look like?

The Volunteers are accomodated in the communities itselfes, one room with sleeping place and cooking facility is provided by the community. The equipment is simple and limited to the absolutely necessary.

How works the supply?

Each volunteer has the possibility to buy food in Tena. Furthermore there are small stores in most communities with a small variety of foods. In the communities itselfes, the volunteers will get the common foods like maniok, cooking bananas and other fruits, seasonally dependent. The inhabitants are about to show the volunteer how to cultivate and reap these vegetables.

All volunteers will also get potable water, which can be transported in 20-liter-tanks into the communities.

What about Moskitos? Malaria?

Malaria is hardly spread in this region, therefore it is not necessary to take malaria prophylaxis during a short stay (e.g. 4 weeks). By daylight, there is only on sub-species of moskitos, so-called sand-flies, which can harden your life. They bite everywhere into uncovered skin, and by night these bites will itch badly. Protection provide insect repellent, long-sleeved clothes and moskito-nets at night (not included). To be completely sure, try more than one repellent on site (if it works with your skin, or if you are allergic to one of them), and you can store a bit malaria prophylaxis if you stay for longer.

Do I make a contract? What are the terms?

At the beginning, the volunteer will sign an obigation to work for Corcka-Recoka. An example can be obtained by the next volunteer coordinator.

Will I get a certificate for my work?

Each volunteer gets a certificate at the end of his work, which certifies his work for the common welfare of the communities, as well as the type and duration of his work.

What happens in the case of illness?

In the case a volunteer gets ill, he can consult a doctor in Tena, or be medicated in the municipal hospital of Tena. If a volunteer gets ill before the end of her/his work and is not able to finsh it, he is obligated to pay for the whole month. Possible other months don’t need to be paid.

What happens exactly with the money of the volunteers?

Every volunteer pays 150 US-dollars per month. This pays for one month’s salary of one person of the community, who will be busy being the tutor for the volunteer. Furthermore the volunteer gets an accomodation with cooking facility, potable water tanks, rubber boots and can participate at all activities of the Corcka-Recoka during his period. Not included are the costs for transportation, food and further things.

Why do I have to pay for the voluntary service? How can I be sure that it will not be abused?

Each volunteer supports Corcka-Recoka, on the one hand side with technical support by working in a project, on the other hand side the money saves jobs in the communities, what decreases migration into the big cities. The whole amount will be reinvested into the network of the communities and contributes to the continuity of the Corcka-Recoka.